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Employee spotlight – Neil Hooper, Software Engineer

Jacob Roseburrough
Jacob Roseburrough

Can you tell us about your role at WAREHQ Labs?

I’m a senior software engineer at WareHQ Labs and have nearly two decades of experience building software solutions.

What does your typical workday look like right now?

My typical workday currently involves working on user stories with some work toward getting our facility set up here and there.

What’s your “why” story?

I enjoy solving problems and the process of writing software.

How did you get where you are today?

I’ve been fascinated with computers since I was a child. I began writing software when I was 12 because I wanted to make a video game but after some time became interested in making web applications. I’ve been making web applications for the better part of 20 years at this point.

What excites you about working at WAREHQ Labs?

What excited me about working at WareHQ Labs is learning new technologies and knowing that the process we have in place for developing software here is the best process I’ve ran into during my career.

Any tips for aspiring WAREHQ Labs team members?

My tip for new WareHQ Labs team members is to be willing to learn from others. We all arrive in the same place through much different paths and I can guarantee you can learn something from anyone if you give them a chance.

About WareHQ Labs

WareHQ Labs is an innovative firm developing software solutions to solve today’s most complex supply chain challenges.

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